A Cool Wind Up Charger for Your Cell Phone and Portable Music Players!

April 29, 2010

portable-phone-chargerAlthough some hardcore camping enthusiasts wish to forgo outside communication during their “escape” to the wilderness, if you need a portable lightweight device to keep your cell phone or mp3 player charged during your next outdoor adventure, do your inner technology geek a favor and pick up a Wind Up Charger from Eco Mobile Accessories.

Last season I wrote about the irony of camping in the remote wilderness of Northern Maine and still having full access to the features of my Blackberry Smart Phone through the expansive network of Verizon Wireless cell towers.

Although my buddies and I were nearly an hours drive from any place that could even loosely be interpreted as a “town”, I could still send and receive phone calls, update my Facebook status, and surf the internet. My how technology has changed…

The problem was I didn’t have any means to keep my cell phone charged over our 4 day camping trip. I wasn’t expecting to receive any network coverage in the area we had set up camp, and the excitement of sharing the exploits of our adventures (in real time) was quickly draining away the life of my cell phone’s already limited battery life!

After a solid day of “blogging” from the wilderness, I had to be careful to conserve my phone’s battery life for the remainder of the trip (especially if we had an emergency and needed to get help).

Now that preparations are well under way for this year’s camping trip to the same area on Moosehead Lake just North of Greenville, ME, I am anxiously looking forward to brining along my new Wind Up Charger.

I received a demo version of the product to review for my readers last month and I must say I’m impressed with the little device.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I received no compensation for testing the product other than being allowed to keep the test unit.

The device comes with a variety of adapters allowing users to charge almost any major cell phone model including most Blackberry and iPhone models. Just plug the included charging cable into the unit and choose the appropriate adapter into the other end of the cable and connect the device to your phone. Ample power to charge your cell phone is only a few minutes of hand cranking away!

How long does it take to charge your phone?

If you’re looking to fully recharge your phone’s battery, you can expect to crank the charger for over an hour. On the other hand, I was able to make a 10 minute phone call to my wife on a completely drained Blackberry cell phone after only 5 minutes of steady cranking on the unit.

As an additional bonus for campers who buy a Wind Up Charger it has a built-in LED flashlight that offers a respectable amount of light in the event your primary flashlight were to fail. You’ll never have to worry about running out of batteries again! Even better, LED light bulbs last considerably longer than traditional flashlight bulbs so you have an even greater measure of reliability and redundancy with the device.

The device is extremely compact and fits easily in your pants or jacket pocket. Despite its lightweight and small size, the device seems well made and very sturdy. I suspect the device will hold up to a substantial amount of abuse although I have not tested it beyond accidentally dropping it from waist height to a bed of rocks (it still works)!

I’m looking forward to offering real time posts of my upcoming camping trip to Moosehead Lake in Northern Maine beginning June 3 through the 6th (make sure you log on to Northern Camping over this period to stay in touch!) thanks in no small part to this device!

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