Product Review: Skeeter Skidaddler Insect Repellent

July 24, 2010


The editor on his way out to a remote campsite on Moosehead Lake in Northern Maine.

As I’ve mentioned previously on this camping site, every year my friends and I travel to a remote location in Northern Maine for a weekend fishing, boating, and camping trip.

This year I brought along a bottle of Skeeter Skidaddler insect repellent manufactured by Allen Pollock right here in Southern Maine.  After reading a few reader testimonials regarding not only the repellent’s amazingly pleasant smell, but more importantly its effectiveness, I knew a weekend getaway in Northern Maine would be the perfect proving grounds for this exciting new product.

After setting up camp, I quickly realized that I hadn’t donned any bug spray.  This realization was aided by several new itchy bug bites that had already begun to swell on the back of my neck.  I immediately grabbed the bottle of Mr. Pollock’s Skeeter Skidaddler and gave myself a solid coating of the spray. 

On his return from the woods collecting some firewood, one of my friends commented about the smell in the air.  “What the hell is that smell?” he asked.  Although, it is hard to express with written words, the inflection in my friends voice led me to believe that he wasn’t as offended by the smell as his choice of words may have eluded.

The smell is best described as an “earthy” combination of cinnamon, pine sap, and vanilla.  While I wouldn’t go as far in saying it is a feasible alternative for my favorite cologne, the repellents fragrance is certainly not unpleasant.

With that said, the main purpose of my test was not to impress the olfactory senses of my camping partners, what I really wanted was not to get bitten by blackflies and mosquitos!  I’m happy to report that the Skeeter Skidaddler was very effective in keeping the pesky bugs away!

Skeeter Skidaddler is not cheap (a season’s supply will set you back about $9), however, its all natural ingredients and Made in Maine appeal make it an ideal choice for families looking for an effective (and great smelling) insect repellent.  It also would make a great gift!

In the spirit of full disclosure, I was not paid for my review of Skeeter Skidaddler, although a sample of the product was provided to me for this review.

Happy camping, and good luck with the bugs!

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