How Much Does It Really Cost to Own A Boat

August 16, 2014

grady-white-tournament-205Boating is probably one of the most expensive hobbies there is.  Not only can boats be expensive, but when you add in the cost of maintenance, fuel, insurance, storage, winterization and all of the other expenses that come with owning a boat, you literally drive yourself into bankruptcy in no time.

As part of an ongoing commitment to share my life experiences with my readers, I have “set sail” on a new boat ownership journey and will be detailing my family’s boat ownership experiences (and expenses) on my personal finance blog.  If you’re curious how much money it costs to own and operate a boat (or perhaps feel like reliving your own experiences of boat ownership), I invite you to stop by my personal finance blog and read my articles on boat ownership!  Who knows, maybe you’ll find something else that interests you there as well!

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