Northern Camping is a blog for outdoor enthusiasts dedicated to sharing camping tips, outdoor gear reviews, and stories of adventure.   The site is centered around the annual camping and fishing trips my buddies and I take into the wild woods of Northern Maine.


My name is Ben, I’m the editor of the site.  Here I am driving my buddy’s trusty 14′ Lowe (Sea Nymph) boat with a 15hp Mercury 4-stroke outboard on the back.  She ain’t much, but she’s reliable and trolls like a dream!

We may not be the most civilized bunch, but over the years my friends and I have learned a thing or two about “roughing it” and we’re happy to share our exploits with you!

Whether you’re a seasoned guide, or packing up for your first overnight camping trip, Northern Camping is here to make your outdoor experience the best it can be.

My buddies and I are passionate about the great outdoors and we bring you straight into the action with every article!


This is my buddy Dan.  He’s the owner of the boat and rarely lets me drive.  This was a special occasion in which he needed to get his camera out of the bow of the boat so I could take a picture of his “stache”.   

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