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Welcome to Northern Camping-The Camping and Outdoor Adventure Blog!  We take great pride in delivering helpful and entertaining camping articles.  If you enjoy this site you may also enjoy the following camping websites each offering their own unique blend of camping tips, gear reviews, and stories of adventure.

Camping Blogger: Camping Blogger promotes family camping and outdoor recreation with tips and tutorials that will make your next family adventure a success!

Camping Tourist:  A great camping blog!

The Camping Guy:  The Camping Guy has been writing camping articles for nearly 3 years.  Although the site hasn’t been updated as much over the last few months, there are many great article throughout his site.

Forever Camping Blog:  Mark Neustedt is the man behind the Forever Camping Blog.   He started his camping blog to help readers create the best camping experience they can. Its been a while since he has updated his website, but there is some good information in the archives.

New Jersey Camping Info:  A great resources if you’re considering a camping trip in NJ.

Outdoor Gift Ideas for Kids:
A great website offering gift ideas and suggestions for the junior outdoor explorer on your shopping list.

Northern California Hiking Trails Blog:  The overall focus of this blog is foot travel, but John Soares (author of the site) also examines various facets of being outdoors, from maximizing trail-time enjoyment to details of hike updates to political, economic, social, and environmental aspects of north state trails.

Camping Earth: Another great camping blog with equipment reviews, camping stories, and tips.

Go Camping America Blog:  This blog focuses primarily on camping with recreational vehicles (RV).  If you own an RV, this site has some valuable information.

Great Wild Outdoors: This web site features tips and tricks on things such as camping, hunting, outdoors tips, and more.

The Joy of Camping: This website caught my eye with a nice article on Acadia National Park in Bar Harbor, ME (I grew up in this area!).

The Camping Blog:  A great camping website with short concise posts covering a range of topics from camping equipment, to campground reviews.

South East Camper: A great camping and outdoor cooking blog.

Go Camping Canada:  This is a great blog created by a husband and wife team who detail their camping exploits as they travel around Canada promoting their Truck Tent business.  It’s a relatively new blog and is a great resource for anyone looking for information on “real” Northern Camping!

Do you know of a great camping blog that’s not listed above? Simply send me an email and I’ll add it to the list! To keep maintain the quality of this page, please ensure the website you are nominating has at least 15-20 original posts! Thanks!

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